Picos Trails



Picos Trails is easy to reach via email:


info@picos-trails.com or picos-trails@hotmail.com  


At this moment i am in Italy, you can still reach me at +31653725889



In case i am in Spain(Picos de Europa) it would be best if you send me a text message. Most of the time i don’t have any reception on my phone, although messages seem to get through almost on a daily basis. After receiving your message i can find a better location to call you back from.


IMPORTANT: I am no travel agency or do i offer any products or services. I just offer my help in case you would like to visit the region of the Picos de Europa where i am an staying. And everybody is welcome to take the effort to visit me and maybe do a bit of trailrunning together. Hope to see you there!